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How To Re-Tighten
Your Lug Nuts..!

Here's a simple trick or method I've come up with. I call it the "Half-Back Method." Imagine the rotation of the tool like the hour hand going around a clock. The points we're concerned with are the 9:00 and 3:00 points, or a half-turn backwards rotation when you let off the handle, and there's no tension on the tool.

What you're trying to accomplish here is to re-tighten your lug nuts where they are tight enough to drive your truck, but not enough so they are over-tightened to where they could stretch out the studs.

The video also has a demonstration of the Half-Back Method.

1. Tighten the lug nut down until it gets firm. Stop at the 9:00 position. This is your start point. 3:00 is your target point. The Half-Back method works best when using 9:00 and 3:00 for the start and target points.

2. From 9:00, let off the handle, and see how far backwards it turns. You want the handle to turn backwards GREATER THAN 1/2 A TURN, a little past the 3:00 position. As you can see, it turned back to about the 4:00 position.

3. Turn the handle back to the 9:00 position where you stopped, and turn the handle ONE FULL TURN AROUND back to the 9:00 position again.

4. Let off the handle, and check how far backwards it goes. It's a little tighter, but more torque is needed.

5. Go back to the 9:00 position, and turn the handle ONE FULL TURN AROUND, stopping at 9:00 again. Let off the handle to see if it turns backwards past the 3:00 position. Repeat steps as needed.

6. The first time the lug nuts are tight enough for the handle to rotate backwards from 9:00 to greater than 3:00, or more than a full 1/2 turn backwards, STOP! This should be enough torque for you to now drive your truck to the nearest service center.

After you've re-tightened all of your lug nuts, drive to the nearest tire store or truck stop. Have a qualified employee re-set your lug nuts back to their proper torque specifications, and get your tire fixed. If you have to drive a distance of more than 50 miles, recheck the lug nuts every 50 miles or so.