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"This incredible tool is portable & powerful..!

This Tool Really Works..!

At Last... Break Loose
Lug Nuts That Used
To Break Your Back..!

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This Tool Is Great For Heavy Trucks,
Motor Homes, RV's, Buses, Tractors,
Farm Machinery, Heavy Equipment,
And Much More..!

riends, if you've ever had trouble removing stubborn and overtightened lug nuts from your big truck with regular hand lug wrenches, you will be amazed at this incredible tool.

It works exactly as shown in the video and this sales ad. In fact, the first time I tried one of these tools...

"My jaw almost hit the ground..!"

It's Astonishingly

With a power ratio of 78:1, it can multiply the input power you provide on the crank side into over 5,000 ft-lbs of power on the socket side. Maximum capacity is nearly 5,600 ft-lbs of torque..!

More Powerful Than A
1" Drive Air Impact..!

Most 1" drive air impacts cannot make this much power. I have yet to find a lug nut on a truck that this tool cannot easily remove. A 12 year old kid can remove lug nuts with this tool that a big strong man couldn't budge with a regular hand lug wrench.

Needs No Air Compressor,
Air, Or Electricity To
Make It Work..!

($130.00 - $300.00 & Up..!)

($800.00 - $1,500.00
& Up..!)

You're Gonna Need Both Of These To Do What My Torque Multiplier Tool Does For A Whole Lot Less..!


You Can't Take That Big Air Compressor Everywhere
You Go, Right..?

Why spend about $1500.00 & up on a 1" drive air impact, a 2-stage air compressor big enough to run it, air hoses, regulator, and sockets when this tool will do the job just as well? Even better, you can take this anyplace you go. Your big impact and compressor will sure do you a lot of good back at your garage when you're out on the road someplace with tire problems, right? Just put this multiplier lug wrench in your truck, motor home, RVs, buses, tractor or other heavy equipment, and have it ready when you need it the most.

4 Free 1" Drive Impact
Sockets Included..!

As an added value for this tool, I'm including 4 FREE SOCKETS with this tool in sizes of 13/16" 4-pt, and 1-5/16" (33mm), 1-1/2", and 1-5/8". That's something you just don't get whenever you buy an air impact, right? You usually end up spending almost 1/2 the price of the impact just for the sockets alone.

Use this tool anyplace where you would use a 1" drive air impact with a bolt pattern or place for the leg of the tool to brace itself. Get yourself a good set of 1" drive sockets, and use it on trucks, RV's, buses, tractors & farm equipment and heavy machines. If this tool doesn't work like I show in my video, send it back for a FULL REFUND within 14 days.

It's easy to use! Put the socket on a lug nut, and rotate the handle where the leg of the tool is against a lug nut next to it, or  a hub.

Grab the handle with both hands, and crank in the direction to loosen. This tool works the same on left and right-hand threads!

When the lug nut is loose, use the speed extension to quickly finish removing it.

That's all there is to it!

It's like having a 1" drive air impact and a huge air compressor in one little box that fits in your truck!

Read This Amazing Story From
One Of My Customers In Illinois..!


This is Jay from BBT II, I just wanted to share with you about your product. We took our Isuzu NPR truck to a large truck tire repair shop about 3 weeks ago and they were unable to remove the rear wheels using a 1" impact and dual 10hp compressors. After working about an hour on 1-rear wheel we were told they would have to use a torch on them but our studs & nuts would need to be replaced. ( $300.00 plus ).

We declined their solution and parked the truck.

We ordered a 1200 lb impact and socket ( over $300.00 ) that didn't move the bolts. Then we ordered the 41mm x 21 mm lug bar ( $55.00 ) pictured in your YouTube ad and bent the rod after loosing 2 nuts. When we got your torque multiplier tool we were $300.00 plus in the red and not very expectance.

But WOW - we did as you described and could not believe the results, in less than 2 minutes we had loosened a bolt. Just a fluke I thought, but no, every single bolt was loosened as easy as the first one.

Thanks, I will be ordering another one as soon as I sell the impact. I'll keep the lug bar, it's bent.

Thanks again for a great product!

eBay member bigboyztoyzii

Will It Work On The Rear Duals?
You Bet It Does..!

As you can see, the tool fits inside the wheel, and there's plenty of clearance for the handle to turn.

Using both hands, crank away!

Use the speed extension on the handle to finish taking the lug nut off.

This tool had no problem removing
this outer budd-style lug nut.

How To Re-Tighten
Your Lug Nuts..!

Because my home page is getting "longer than a country mile,"
I've put together another section about
how to re-tighten your lug nuts.

Click on the picture above to read about
how to re-tighten those lug nuts..!

How much does that flat tire you can't
change without roadside service
really cost you
in time & money...?

Use it on your truck...!

Use it on your tractor & farm machinery..!

Use it on your heavy equipment..!

This is "one of those tools"
that pays for itself the
first time
you use it..!

2 Great Tools For You To Choose From.
Both Have The Power To Get 'Er Done..!

Both Tools Include These 4 Sockets
Used On Most Commercial Vehicles..!

78 Ratio Multiplier
Lug Wrench

58 Ratio Multiplier
Lug Wrench

Actual color of tool and cases may vary, specs are the same.

My biggest heavy-duty multiplier tool!
78:1 Ratio for the most power!
Breaks loose even the toughest lug nuts!
No air compressor or electricity needed!
Lightweight and portable!
You can take this tool everywhere you go!
Uses 1" drive sockets! Use this tool on other fasteners!
Powerful in both directions! Use it on left-handed and right-handed lug nuts!
4 FREE impact-quality sockets
Weighs about 18-1/4 lbs with handle and socket. Heavier, but has more power!
13" reach for the deepest wheels.
Generates up to 5,600 ft-lbs of torque! It's more powerful than a 1" drive air impact!
One-Year Warranty!
Standard duty, lighter and easy to handle.
58:1 Ratio - still plenty of power!
Breaks loose even the toughest lug
No air compressor or electricity needed!
Lightweight and portable!
You can take this tool everywhere you go!
Uses 1" drive sockets! Use this tool on other fasteners!
Powerful in both directions! Use it on left-handed and right-handed lug nuts!
4 FREE impact-quality sockets
Weighs about 13-1/2 lbs with handle and socket. Lighter & easier to handle.
11" reach.
Generates up to 2400 ft-lbs of torque! It's more powerful than most 1" drive impacts!
One-Year Warranty!

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If you watched my video, read all of my ad, and looked at all my pretty pictures, you must be interested in this tool, right?

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